Holy Spring Temple

Melukat is a ritual purification ceremony mind and soul spiritually in man. Melukat ceremony was held on the day well and is a tradition that has been carried out by Hindus in Bali are hereditary and still continue to do until now. Understanding of sanctification is a process of spiritual basis to eliminate the influence of dirty
Pura Sebatu /Sebatu Temple
I wish to inform the other melukat is a place not far from the Temple of these sebatu kawi. The melukat this is not necessarily a tourist attractions, because the melukat baths is still impressed sacred. Rarely have visitors. That made curious is all about changing the color of water if a person melukat/shower under small waterfalls. When the inside of the shower is something that is negative then the water will turn cloudy vaginal discharge. Depending on how large the negative stuff is inside a person. negative things are usually in the form of magic deeds of a person or the person’s behavior..
Before doing melukat then on require pray beforehand to beg a blessing in melukat later in the small temple is exactly on top of the baths. and then in the allow melukat.People outside the religious origin of the participated melukat hindupun can wear cloth and belts as well as the people who melukat there. He said visitors who have already finished doing melukat it feels fresh and light with no load. It is as though all of the problems if you also curious with a centralized place to water color, you can visit melukat and see for yourself the truth of it.

The Holy Spring of Tirta Empul Temple
Tirta Empul Temple which is located in Tampaksiring village, Gianyar. It is special because Balinese people believe that this is the only temple where they can ‘clean’ themselves off the sins and bad karma.
The holy spring of Tirta Empul which is created by Bhatara Indra a.k.a the god of rain, consists of 12 douches. Each douche is ‘designed’ for different and specific type of healing/cleansing. Let say, douche number one is for cleansing yourself off sin A, the second douche is for sin B and so on. So how Balinese people do it?
Before go down to the pool and heading toward the douches, first of all we have to a small and simple pray first in front of the small temple which is located right in front of the pool and douches.