Bali Spiritual

Everybody may knows the Elizabeth Gilbert book “Eat Pray, Love” that remained on The New York Times Best Seller list for 187 weeks. The story had a second success with the movie by the same name. The story is about the personal travels of Elizabeth Gilbert, who leaves her husband, home and successful career as a writer to travel across Italy, India And Indonesia. Eating and enjoying life in Italy: “Eat”, then spending 3 months to find spirituality in India: ” Pray” , finally she ended the year in Bali to find balance and “Love”.

Elizabeth Gilbert spent the majority of her time in Bali with Pak Ketut, an old Balinese healer, palm reader and easy smiler. This healer is very sweet, we have to admit it. He welcomes you with his toothless smile, sitting cross-legged on front of his porch always wearing a sarong rendering the scene completely authentic

A Palm reading experience
palm reading following :

1. You are pretty/handsome
2. You have pretty ears
3. You have pretty, pretty perfect nose.
4. You have a strong chin
5. You have a line between your eyes, on your forehead, when you frown….this means you are lucky & smart.
6. He will tell you that you are: Very Lucky, Smart, Strong & Healthy, an Influencer (of people), & will be successful at whatever you decide to do.
7. He will “read” your arm
8. He will “read” your back
9. He will “read” your legs

Eat, Pray, Love
Eat, Pray, Love (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Duration Approx 8 hours include :
English speaking driver,private air conditioned vehicle and fuel